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Restorative Dentistry Clinical Case Posters

The BSRD and RSM would like to thank all those who submitted posters to this prize section and congratulate the winner of the Clinical Case Poster Prize:

Minimally invasive management of erosive tooth surface loss utilising a combined direct and indirect approach 

Main Author: Dr Salman Pirmohamed, General Dentist/Specialist Trainee in Prosthodontics,Eastman Dental Institute 

Below are the submitted posters for the Clinical Case Poster prize.

Click on the links below to view the posters in a PDF format.

BSRD members- Please do not forget to log in to the members pages of the website to vote for your favourite posters from each of the 3 poster sections. Your votes count towards 25% of the overall marks. Please consider the following marking criteria when choosing your favourite clinical poster:


Oral rehabilitation in a patient with a previously high cariogenic diet using multiple restorative modalities
Main author: Noor Al-Helou

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in a Historic Recreational Drug User Exhibiting Severe Tooth Surface Loss
Main author: Natalie Archer

Long-span Resin Retained Bridges
Main author: Olivia Barraclough 

Full mouth rehabilitation of a neglected dentition integrating fixed and removable prosthetics in general practice
Main author: Timothy Brown

Management of a Case with External Cervical Resorption and External Inflammatory Root Resorption in communication with the Root Canal System
Main author: Hiba Chaudhry 

Prosthodontic management of Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: A case report
Main author: Tom Dennis 

The Adjunctive Use of Direct Composite Resin Restorations and Resin Retained Bridges to Replace Teeth Whilst Simultaneously Restoring Tooth Contour
Main author: Joshua Hudson 

Orthodontic-Restorative Management of an Ectopic Maxillary Canine
Main author: Rosemarie Jane 

Removable Prosthetic Rehabilitation after Ameloblastoma Resection
Main author: Oliver Jones

Prosthodontic management of an adult cleft palate patient with failing extensive fixed bridgework
Main author: James Nelson

Flangeless Horseshoe Maxillary Complete Denture- Sound Prosthetic Bypass to an Anatomical Complication
Main author: Sandeep Pai 

Challenges in the diagnosis and management of cemental tears: A Case Report
Main author: Kajal Patel

Replacement of UL1 Associated with Vertical Root Fracture with Simultaneous Implant Placement and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) – A Case Report
Main author: Nimit Patel

Multi-disciplinary emergency management of delayed severe intrusion injury
Main author: Nahal Razaghi 

Treatment of Amelogenesis Imperfecta in Primary Care
Main author: James Scott

"Think PINK"-Prosthetic management of hard and soft tissue defect in the aesthetic zone: A case report
Main author: Mustafa Zaman

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