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The regulations governing the prizes are as follows:

  1. The prizes will be awarded to the winning presenter of the Gary Pollock prize, undergraduate oral clinical prize, the winning presenter of the poster prize(s) who should be the principle author, and to the author of the W&H prize submission. The clinical work for any prize should substantially be that of the principle author and the presentation should clearly acknowledge advice and assistance of any colleagues within the restorative specialty or associated multi-disciplinary teams. You may not present previously published or presented work.
  2. Consultants, Honorary Consultants and Senior Lecturers are not be eligible to enter.
  3. Eligible presenters must be members of the Society and must register for the April 2019 meeting by the 5th March 2019 and the November meeting by 30th September 2019. Failure to pre-register will result in your abstract being withdrawn from the meeting.
  4. Eligible presenters for the April 2019 prizes must submit a written abstract of approximately 500 words to the Prizes co-ordinator, Miss Angharad Truman - ( by 15th March 2019.
  5. Entrants will be informed of the outcome from assessment of the abstracts by 22nd March 2019.
  6. For the November 2019 Gary Pollock prize and the W&H Written Clinical Case prize: a written abstract of approximately 500 words to the Prizes co-ordinator, Miss Angharad Truman ( must be submitted by 5th October 2019. Presentation will be advised by 19th October 2019.
  7. For the November 2019 Undergraduate Clinical prize entrants will have been selected and put forward by their dental school for submission to this prize. PowerPoint presentations of no more than 10 minutes should be submitted to the Prizes co-ordinator, Miss Angharad Truman ( by 25th October 2019 for consideration by the panel at the November meeting. The winning candidate will then be asked to present at the May 2020 meeting.
  8. The poster should be size A1 portrait style and you will be expected to be at your poster board during the session time slot which will be allocated. Poster set-up and tear-down times will also be confirmed prior to the meeting.
  9. All transcripts and illustrations become the property of the Society. The successful candidates will be encouraged to submit a research paper, audit paper or case report for publication on the understanding that that paper has a footnote stating that it has been awarded a poster prize by the British Society for Restorative Dentistry.
  10. The prizes will be awarded on behalf of the Council of the Society on the recommendations of the three council members appointed for each prize and such additional assessors as the Council may wish to consult.
  11. The assessors appointed to nominate the prize winner in each category will take into account the originality, content and scientific value of the poster. The Council’s decision on the award of the prizes is final.
  12. The Society reserves the right to withhold the awards if it is considered that the entrants are not of sufficient merit.

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