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The British Society is proud to offer a significant number of prizes annually. There are prizes for all categories of membership but please note that Consultants, Honorary Consultants and Senior Lecturers are ineligible to apply. There is also a prize for undergraduate students, who do not need to be members, but who are selected by senior restorative staff to represent their dental school.

The prizes are aimed at encouraging quality research, clinical work and audit and are an opportunity for members to showcase their best work and win a prestigious award that will enhance their Curriculum Vitae.

Members wishing to apply for prizes should note the rules and regulations carefully and the specific closing dates for any prizes they wish to enter. Prizes of up to £250.00 are awarded for the postgraduate prizes. The undergraduate prize winner is invited to give a 10 minute presentation at a scientific meeting and to attend the conference. The nominated candidates from each school are given one year subscription to the Society.

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Join us at the 2019 autumn Scientific Meeting

‘Winter reflections’, 21/22 November 2019 at the Science Gallery, London.

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