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Welcome to the British Society for Restorative Dentistry

The British Society for Restorative Dentistry, founded in 1968, aims to promote high standards in Restorative Dentistry amongst all practitioners, through both meetings and publications. It provides an opportunity to meet with colleagues who share a common interest in keeping abreast of all the changes taking place in this aspect of dentistry, particularly in the field of fixed prosthodontics. The Society encourages continuing education in Restorative Dentistry: both undergraduate and postgraduate research prizes are awarded and ongoing education projects are run by members.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the study, examination and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, the teeth and their supporting structures. Restorative Dentistry includes the dental monospecialties of endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics (including implantology), and its foundation is based upon how these interact in the management of cases requiring multifaceted care.


Special focus bulletin: Dentistry and antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

The Chief Dental Officer, Sara Hurley, and UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance, Professor Dame Sally Davies, have issued an update to the dental profession with a special focus on dentistry and antimicrobial resistance.

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Update: Dentistry and patients with mental illness

The Chief Dental Officer, Sara Hurley, and National Clinical Director for Mental Health, Professor Tim Kendall, have issued an update to the dental profession with a special focus on patients with mental illness.

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Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) national report for hospital dentistry published

The report sets out 21 recommendations focusing on establishing better clinical networks, improving referral management and triage, ensuring greater recognition of the importance of oral health, and workforce planning to support the commissioning of effective services.

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Update from Sara Hurley and Ed Waller

Sara Hurley and Ed Waller have published a new update to the dental profession today, with latest news and things of interest:

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Delivering Better Oral Health Toolkit Published

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NHS England Announcements

NHS England has published a number of key announcements today including:

  • Next steps on supporting the recovery of NHS dentistry, including contractual requirements for October-December
  • Chief Dental Officer Sara Hurley’s  statement of support for water fluoridation
  • NHS dental teams entitlement to a free flu vaccine this year
  • Details of the COVID booster

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An update from Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer England

Sara Hurley has issued a new update to the NHS dental profession today on a small change to IPC guidance.

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Update to the dental profession

The Chief Dental Officer for England, Sara Hurley, and Director for Primary Care, Ed Waller, have issued an update to the dental profession containing important information for the NHS dental community.

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Statement regarding the future working relationships for BSRD, RD-UK and SRRDG- June 2021

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Better supporting our patients with a learning disability or autism

Sara Hurley has issued the below bulletin to the profession which details a host of useful resources, advice and patient facing materials on treating patients with a learning disability or autistic people.

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Contractual arrangements announced for the next 6 months

NHS England has informed dental practices of the contractual arrangements over the next six months.

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BSRD Winter Meeting 2021 details released!

"The Devil is in the Detail"

Save the date: Friday 19th November 2021

Venue:The Royal Institution, London.

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BSRD to support the College, intended Royal College of General Dentistry.

The College, intended Royal College of General Dentistry will be formally launched this summer.

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Chief Dental Officer- spot the signs of domestic abuse and support survivors and victims.

Chief Dental Officer Sara Hurley has called on the dental profession to help spot the signs of domestic abuse and to support survivors and victims.

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