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Benefits of BSRD Undergraduate Membership

UG Subscription now only £5 per annum from September 2022

Here is an insight from our BSRD Undergraduate Representative/Young Dentists group representative, Ridah Hasan, on what she has found to be the benefits of having an undergraduate membership with BSRD:

An undergraduate membership of the BSRD has a huge number of benefits. By joining, you are a part of a society amongst other students, dentists, registrars and consultants who share an interest in Restorative Dentistry.

Membership to BSRD entitles you to:

Reduced BSRD Conference Fees 

  • Book now for the Autumn Conference 2022

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Access to Free Roadshows- Delivered by National and Internationally renowned speakers

  • The coronavirus pandemic has also prevented us from running our Roadshows, which will hopefully resume once restrictions are lifted.
  • The Roadshows take place in Dental teaching hospitals all around the country.
  • They are run by trainees and cover a variety of topics – giving you the chance to talk to other BSRD members, as well as council members who coordinate the event.

Excellent Networking Opportunities within the field of Restorative Dentistry
Since BSRD welcomes and caters for members from a variety of career backgrounds, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to and learn from other members.
The benefits of networking include:

  • Building confidence by meet new people.
  • Gaining career advice and support from those who have experience in the career pathway you may be interested in.
  • Getting your questions answered! Dentistry is a challenging subject to study so being a part of a society that gives you access to academic resources including the BSRD guidelines is a real asset.

Mentoring and career support

  • As an undergraduate student you may not know yet what you would like to do in the future but knowing that you are a part of a society who are there to offer advice and guidance is reassuring.
  • If you do want to find out more information about a certain career option then there are many members who would be willing to offer you their expertise.

Awards and Prizes

  • The BSRD offers a number of awards and prizes every year that aim to encourage quality research, clinical work and are an opportunity for you to showcase your best work to others in the society.
  • The Undergraduate Clinical Case Oral Presentation is aimed at undergraduate students and is a great way to develop your research and presentation skills, as well as boosting your CV.

If you’d like to find out more about the awards and prizes that we offer, please use this link >>> 

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There are lots of great reasons to join the BSRD including...

  • Access to publications, lectures and resources
  • Reduced conference fees
  • Online Dental Update Subscription                         (Not included with UG subscription)
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Use of BSRD Member Logo

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