Criteria for the Peers Postgraduate Implant Poster Prize

The case report should be presented as a Poster presentation using the template provided. It should be structured and should detail the assessment and treatment planning options for a patient as well as evidence based discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of all potential treatment options for the patient.

Each entrant should identify one patient from their practice who has had implants placed.

At least 5 and a maximum of 10 photographs of the case should be utilised. Pre, during and post treatment images required.

Image editing software may only be used to resize/crop images, to adjust contrast and brightness of the photographs if necessary.

The patient case report should include (as a minimum):

  1. Patient details (maintain anonymity – patient initials are fine)
  2. Dental History
  3. Social History
  4. Medical History
  5. Extra-oral examination including smile line
  6. Intra-oral soft tissue examination
  7. (Dental Charts including teeth and periodontal tissues (BPE as a minimum) if applicable)
  8. Occlusal assessment
  9. Clinical Photographs of the patient and any relevant existing prostheses
  10. Diagnostic imaging reports
  11. Diagnoses
  12. Prognoses
  13. Dental Implant assessment (including identified modifying factors
  14. Treatment Planning Options.
  15. Preferred treatment option for patient.
  16. Post treatment outcome
  17. Discussion of the case

The discussion of the case should include discussion of any specifically challenging issues or modifying factors that are present. All potential treatment options should be discussed and the relative advantages and disadvantages of the options should be detailed and the reasons for your preferred treatment option(s) explained.

The case discussion will need to explore the treatment options, aims of treatment that will be carried out, the sequence of any preferred treatment options that would be carried out and the maintenance requirements. All discussions should be referenced with evidence from the literature.

The poster should be size A1 portrait style and you will be expected to be at your poster board during the session time slot which will be allocated. Poster set-up and tear-down times will also be confirmed prior to the meeting.

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