Past Presidents

You can send an email message to some past presidents by clicking on their name. Some have biographies online, click on 'Show biography'.

2016-2017Mr Anthony Vaughan – Show biography
2015-2016Miss Susan Hooper – Show biography
2014-2015Ken Hemmings – Show biography
2013-2014Professor Paul BruntonShow biography
2012-2013Mr Gary PollockShow biography
2011-2012Mr Karl BishopShow biography
2010-2011Mr David KramerShow biography
2009-2010Dr Ann ShearerShow biography
2008-2009Miss Serpil DjemalShow biography
2007-2008Mr. Leslie HoweShow biography
2006-2007Professor Richard IbbetsonShow biography
2005-2006Professor Andrew Eder – Show biography
2004-2005Mr Paul KingShow biography
2003-2004Mr Paul Rudin – Show biography
2002-2003Mr Leon Ellis – Show biography
2001-2002Dr. John C. Glyn JonesShow biography
2000-2001Mr. M.G.D. Kelleher – Show biography
1998-2000Professor A.W.G. Walls – Show biography
1997-1998Mr. N.J. CappShow biography
1996-1997Mr. R. WinstanleyShow biography
1995-1996Mr. D. Davidson
1994-1995Professor N.H.F. Wilson – Show biography
1993-1994Mr. A.E. Hoskinson – Show biography
1992-1993Dr. M.J. Shaw – Show biography
1991-1992Mr. L.D. Kramer – Show biography
1990-1991Professor R.B. Johns – Show biography
1989-1990Mrs. J.M. Heath
1988-1989Professor B.G.N. Smith – Show biography
1987-1988Mr. B.J. Parkins
1986-1987Professor A.R. Grieve – Show biography
1985-1986Mr. W.G. Marks
1984-1985Mr. S.D. Hatt – Show biography
1983-1984Mr. P.F. Kurer – Show biography
1982-1983Professor I. Curson
1981-1982Mr. H.C. Loxley
1980-1981Mr. J.R.Grundy – Show biography
1979-1980Mr. E.K. Joseph
1978-1979Mr. D.H.Shepperd – Show biography
1977-1978Professor A.H.R.Rowe – Show biography
1976-1977Professor A.G. Alexander – Show biography
1975-1976Mr. J.M. McCormack – Show biography
1974-1975Mr. D.N. Allan
1973-1974Sir I.D.Gainsford – Show biography
1972-1973Professor H. Allred – Show biography
1971-1972Dr. J.W. McLean – Show biography
1970-1971Professor D.S. Shovelton – Show biography
1969-1970Mr. A.R. Thompson – Show biography
1968-1969Professor H.M. Pickard – Show biography

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