Membership benefits

  • Online Dental Update Subscription
  • Access to Dentinal Tubules Lectures at reduced cost
  • Reduced BSRD Conference Fees – International Speakers
  • Access to Free Roadshows delivered by National Speakers
  • Networking Opportunities within the field of Restorative Dentistry
  • Access to academic resources for those involved with teaching
  • Whole team involvement; DCP membership available

Membership rates

Fees are collected on the 1st September annually. Membership fees include reduced rates at Scientific Meetings and free online subscription to: Dental Update.

Type Fee
Dental Surgeon £110
Member and partner membership £220
Dental Care Professionals £40
Recent Graduates (within 2 years of qualification) £40
Undergraduate Student £30
Full time Postgraduate Students £40
Science Professional £40
Retired Members £40


Online application form

Postgraduate students should also complete and return this form: PDF (101 KB) | Word (81 KB)

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