Matt Jerreat: BSRD Honorary Secretary on 'Shaping the Future of Restorative Dentistry'

Shaping the Future of Restorative Dentistry and how can the BSRD help?

Restorative Dentistry is in a both exciting and challenging time.  At the recent RD-UK meeting in October 2017 we were able to explore the direction of travel from the perspective of commissioners, policy makers and us as the providers of restorative dentistry.

The range of speakers and expertise was fantastic and one of the main topics focused on Managed Clinical Networks (MCN).  The development of these networks across the country are to support the local delivery of dental services to the patients, fairly and efficiently.  It was good to see how the different parts of the UK were developing these networks and how the teams were overcoming problems.

The breakout sessions also allowed us to brainstorm ideas and start to forge a common goal and it will be good to see how this develops in 2018.

Thank you RD-UK for the strong voice and the enthusiasm.

What is exciting is that we as restorative dentists, whether specialists or enhanced skilled practitioners should be involved and have an important part to play in the development of the network.

As chair of the MCN in the Southwest we are working directly with the commissioners, Health Education England and Dental Public Health.  Our vision is to provide quality care at an enhanced level.

Available to all when required across the region is our mission statement.

In this next year we have started to work on a local referral pathway for patients requiring restorative dentistry which is fair and helps the local dentists.  We are also looking at providing a structured enhanced level of care delivering endodontics which will help provide the quality of care to patients when necessary. Outcomes can then be measured and patients will eventually have access to a network that can be monitored and allow patients to make the decision on where they want to be treated locally.

In our 50th BSRD anniversary year it is an opportunity in our profession to support our networks.  Enthusiasm for restorative dentistry and how endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics interact in the management of cases requiring multifaceted care is a challenge.

For any further information please contact me, Mr Matthew Jerreat: BSRD Honorary Secretary. Contact form

1 February 2018

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