Trouble Logging in?

Do you have these symptoms?

  • You are on the Members' home page, you are giving the correct login name and password, but nothing apparently happens when you press "LOGIN".
  • Any click on a members' only action in the menu (try "Your details") places you on the Login page, but again nothing happens when you press "LOGIN".

then read on.

What's happening is that your browser is not accepting 'cookies'. A cookie is a small piece of information that the server downloads to your browser. It is stored and sent to the server when you visit the site next. Your browser is not storing the cookie we are sending. So we don't see the cookie and we cannot log you in, we are trying to - but your browser isn't playing.

How to I turn cookies on?

This site needs cookies to be able to work correctly. If we are asking you to you turn cookies on, then how do you do that?

The site has help tailored for your device which should give you the right information on how to turn on cookies. This site has a lot of advertising, so take care when visiting. Click below:

Click for help for your browser

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