Spring Scientific Meeting 2019

Past Experiences / Future Decisions

Friday 5th April & Saturday 6th April

The Science Gallery London

I am delighted to welcome you to the Spring Scientific Meeting 2019. The BSRD represents the fascinating specialty of Restorative Dentistry, which combines the operative skills of all the monospecialties with the added complexity of Multidisciplinary care for the most challenging management and treatment planning cases, often working closely with colleagues in other specialties to coordinate optimal care for our patients both within the hospital services and in general practice.

In recent years it has been gradually more widely acknowledged that the highest levels of research evidence are not always available for much of what we do in clinical Restorative Dentistry and expert opinion, based on years of experience by those practising clinical dentistry, has become more valued for what it can offer us as clinicians and our patients - and this forms the basis of the theme I have chosen for my Spring meeting.

I am honoured that John Wolfaardt has accepted my invitation to come over from Canada as our keynote speaker to share his knowledge and experience over a career of caring for patients requiring head and neck reconstructions and the impact of Advanced Digital Technology for the future. His presentations promise to be full of wisdom and insight and I am humbled that he has agreed to cross the pond for us.

Paul Palmer is offering a career implant dentistry perspective on the challenges of including managing failure; Shanon Patel on how CBCT imaging has influenced his diagnosis and treatment of Endodontic lesions; Roberto Rotundo on his experiences of soft tissue grafting around teeth and implants and Sandip Popat is joining us from the Cleft service at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford with his speech therapist colleague, Ginette Phippen, to describe how their Cleft team works together to offer the best care for their patients. We are also lucky to have clinical psychologist, Kate le Maréchal who will give us her insight into how we can help our patients in challenging situations.

Whether you are hospital or practice based; specialist, generalist or trainee; I do hope you will join me for inspirational presentations, stimulating discussion and a chance to meet up with colleagues and friends who share an interest in Restorative dentistry.

Sophie Watkins
President-Elect 2019-2020

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