Professor A.R. Grieve

Past president: 1986-1987

BDJ 1979:

Dundee Appoints New Professor.

Dr Andrew Grieve, at present Senior Lecturer in Conservative Dentistry in the University of Birmingham, has been appointed to· the Chair of Conservative Dentistry in Dundee University and takes up the appointment on January 1, 1980.

Dr Grieve graduated from the University of St Andrews in 1961. He gained the degree of doctor of dental surgery from the University of Birmingham in 1974. After graduation he worked at Dundee Dental Hospital, with a short spell in general practice, until l964. In 1965 he accepted a post as lecturer in conservative dentistry in Birmingham University and was promoted senior lecturer in 1975.

He also holds appointments as consultant in restorative dentistry to the Birmingham Area Health Authority and admissions tutor for dental students in the University of Birmingham. He has published several papers on restorative dentistry and is a member of the British Dental Association.

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