Mr. P.F. Kurer

Past president: 1983-1984

Mr. P.F. Kurer

If I say I have enjoyed every day of my work as a dentist, that would be an exaggeration, BUT not much of an exaggeration.

Dentistry is a bit of a virus in my family!

My father was a dentist, my brother was a dentist, my son and nephew are dentists.

My father became a dentist in Vienna in the early thirties, where dentistry was a medical speciality.

You had to be at University for 6 years to qualify as a medical doctor then do 2 more years now in dental University to specialise as a DENTIST.

What my brother and I learnt from my father was a great asset in our careers. We learnt that if possible have a dental lab on your premises.

I saw that cast gold posts for Post Crowns fell out too often.

I invented a dental product which became known as The Kurer Anchor System I got 13 Patents worldwide for my Dental Post System, the first in the world to be a cylindrical post which was threaded.

I cut threads in the root canal of the tooth with the matching THREAD CITTER and then screwed and cemented my posts into the root canal . I developed FOUR different Kurer Anchors.

I lectured 23 years 3 times each year in Japan.

I lectured 35 years 3 times each year in the USA.

I lectured at International Dental Meetings throughout the world e.g. Sydney Australia.

I was invited in 1972 and 1975 to lecture in Moscow Russia.

Eventually I sold my Kurer Anchor System to the US Agent Teledyne Dental Co. who was selling this product. They gave me my asking price.

I placed an Kurer Anchor in the upper left lateral tooth of my daughter when she was 18. She was 60 in January and the tooth with the Anchor is still there.

I had my book The Kurer Anchor System published by Quintessence Books first in English, then in German and then in Japanese.All sold out.

I had 46 Dental articles published worldwide.  Great support from the BDJ.

My Anchor System was superseded by IMPLANTS. At first Implants were all cylindrical and smooth. Now nearly all are cylindrical and threaded.

When I was 70 I started going to Jerusalem in Israel as a Volunteering Dentist in a Children's Dental Clinic for poor children of all religions.   I went three times per year for 11 years .

I took and passed my MGDS RCS degree and was given FFGDS UK.

I enjoyed my year as President of BSRD in 1983 – 84

I wish you a very successful 50th. anniversary.

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