Mr. J.R.Grundy

Past president: 1980-1981

Mr. J.R.Grundy

Many generations of dentists, including the writers of this obituary, owe much to the inspirational teaching of Ralph Grundy during their under‑ graduate years.

Ralph who died in August 2012 was born in 1928 and went to Bury Grammar School where his leadership skills showed early promise as Captain of School. In 1945, Birmingham Dental School wasto become his home for undergraduate training and after a couple of years in the RADC and then general practice, Ralph chose to pursue a career in academia. This proved fortuitous for the profession as he was instrumental in pioneering new techniques in teaching, identifying the hazards of the air turbine spray and introducing innovative changes to the dental curriculum.

In 1953 Ralph secured a lecturership at The London Hospital in the conservation department before moving on after five years to Manchester from where he was later to receive the MDS degree by research. Ralph returned to his alma mater in 1961 as senior lecturer and consultant from where he retired after 30 years dedicated service to the school, university and patients. He was highly respected by his peers and became President of the British Society for Restorative Dentistry in 1980 and also held numerous external examinerships.

After retiring to Poole in 1991, Ralph with his wife Margaret, a colleague and distinguished consultant in paediatric dentistry at Birmingham Dental School, continued to indulge in their passion of sailing and extending hospitality to their many friends and former colleagues.

Sympathy is extended to his wife and family who can be reassured that the contribution to dentistry of this modest gentleman will be long remembered.

Robin Basker and Margaret Seward

Republished by kind permission of the BDJ.

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