News for October 2009

Dentistry training gets its teeth into e-learning with e-Den

Read the latest e-Den Launch press release, entitled Dentistry training gets its teeth into e-learning with e-Den.

Click below on the link. 

Aws Alani

30 October 2009

Maxillofacial Rehabilitation-International Congress 19th-22nd May 2010

International Society for Maxillofacial Rehabilitation

SestriLevante, Italy

24 October 2009

Oral Rehabilitation-Crossing Borders for a common aim, 14-16th May 2010

1st joint meeting of the DGI, OGI, SGI and IAOFR

Berlin Germany


24 October 2009

Maximising the workforce-Symposium for Primary care Dental Care Practitioners & DCP's

RCSPG - 19th of November 2009

Offering an opportunity to hear and question a panel of expert speakers brought together from all aspects of the Dental Team and beyond.  The President of the General Dental Council and the Chief Dental Officer for Scotland, along with a line-up of well-known and celebrity speakers, including Craig Brown (former manager of the Scottish National Football team), will address how a contemporary mix of talents will work together to bring new standards to dental care, reaching many more of our needy and deserving patients. 


Aws Alani

24 October 2009


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